After-School Program 

"Be with Kids"

We are so thankful for every family allowing us the opportunity to love and support their child. This year, we are focusing on honesty, kindness, and respect with all of our students. We believe creating a culture of these qualities builds the leaders of tomorrow and prepares every student for success!


Currently, we serve kindergarten through 5th-grade students attending Nolan Creek Charter School and all Belton ISD elementary schools.


A phrase we like to use is, "be with kids." To us, this phrase means we are present, supportive, encouraging, and intentional with every child who steps in our facility. Our staff is encouraged to get to know kids past just knowing their name and what school they go to. When caring adults and college students step in to be a positive voice in the life of a child, they are reminding the child of their value and worth and encouraging their self-esteem through fun games and activities. Plus, who doesn't love to play games and run around with a group of super cool kids?

Daily Schedule

Tranportation: BCYC picks up students from all Belton ISD Elementary schools. We pick up students from BISD between 3:05 PM and 3:25 PM. Students will be on one of our buses or vans. Be on the lookout around town and you just might see your student! We will walk up all of the Nolan Creek students at 2:50 PM!

Snack: As soon as every student arrives at our facility they will receive a warm snack. This snack meets the dietary needs defined by the food program to keep our kids happy and ready for the day. If students have a dietary restriction, make sure to full out the allergy sheet letting us know how we can best serve your child. We are a nut-free facility!

Homeroom: Everyday student will come together by grade level in their homeroom classroom. During this time, they will work on team building skills, have discussions, work on any homework they might have, and go over IMPACT, which is our daily bible story. Our bible stories go over topics such as the Fruits of the Spirit, kindness, respect, love, and Jesus! 

Rotations: After homerooms, students will stick with their homeroom classroom to go to their rotation. Rotations can be Dance Party, Engineering, Gym games, outside, Arts & Crafts, Music Makers, Movie Room, Game Room, and more! 

Be Kind

Be Honest

Be Respectful

we can set them up for success as they graduate from BCYC. Kindness is reflected in how we talk and act towards other students and staff. When we use kind words, we are able to support and build up our friends. Honesty is telling the truth 

even if it is difficult. We always tell our kids the truth is always better than a lie. Respect is how we talk to those around us, especially adults.

Our expectations here at BCYC are to be kind, honest, and respectful. Everything we do, we point our students back to these values. We believe if we can instill these values with our kids,

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